One of the largest rural municipalities in Estonia is located in the southern part of Järva County—Türi Rural Municipality, which is notable for its beautiful nature, developed agriculture, and pleasant living environment. Here you will find primeval forests with unchanged nature, cultivated fields, and Europe’s largest dairy herds. The rural municipality is crossed by the railway and intersecting highways. The beautiful local landscapes and well-tended and safe surroundings are an attractive vacation spot. A nature-centered way of thinking has been preserved through time. Here you will find the beautiful nature of the Türi drumlins, a variety of opportunities for trips on the Pärnu River network, the Iidva raised bog and Muraka bog nature reserves, as well as large forests in the southern and western part of the rural municipality, and Estonia’s greenest town, Türi, which has been successful and capable of development, while still preserving a nature-based way of thinking.

Area - approximately 600 km²
Population – 11 200
Center – Town of Türi
There are two small towns in the rural municipality – Oisu and Särevere – as well as 35 villages.
The larger roads traversing the rural municipality: Pärnu-Rakvere-Sõmeru, Tallinn-Rapla-Türi-Viljandi, Tallinn-Imavere-Viljandi Highway and Tallinn-Viljandi Railway.

Welcome to Türi—the green parish!