St. Martin’s Church
The church in Türi, dedicated to St.Martin, is a three-nave church built in 13th century. Apart from limestone and boulders, which are more common to Northern Estonia, also bricks have been used, which is more typical to Southern Estonia. Glass paintings on windows by Dolores Hoffmann, dating from 1990-1997, are a marvellous addition to the interior. On top of the spire there is a colourful rooster, unique in Estonia. An exciting story is connected to the baroque altar made by Christian Ackermann in 1693. In 1990 altar paintings „Calvary“ and „The Last Supper“ by A.G.Pezold, an artist of Baltic German origin, were stolen. Due to that, original altar paintings on wooden panels appeared. The stolen paintings were mysteriously brought back to the congregation in January 1998. Good accoustics, the renovated organ and heated floor make the church a popular place for concerts. In 2010 a new digital bell was installed and now with just a push on the button, either wedding or funeral bells start ringing. The new bell also rings at every hour from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.
There is a service at 11 on Sundays.
Türi St. Martin’s Church, Wiedemanni st.7, Türi
The church has joined the programme „Traveller’s Churches“ and is open June - August Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat 10.00 - 16.00
At other times, visits can be booked +372 387 8330
Open from June - August, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat 10 am - 4 pm
At other times, visits pre-arranged +372 387 8330

Former Türi Horticulture Secondary School and the School Park
Hariduse 3, Türi
Education has been provided in Türi since the 17th century. On August 1, 1924, the Türi Horticulture Secondary School was opened in this building. From 1932 to 1940, the Secondary School of Economics operated here, and plant cultivation was taught as part of horticulture studies. The students even had the opportunity to observe the development of plants during the winter months in the greenhouse built in 1932, which has 120m² of heatable space.

Railway Junction (station, railway shed, old locomotives)
Jaama 8, Türi
The first train rode through the Town of Türi on June 18, 1900. Edelaraudtee has renovated the hundred-year-old railway station into a modern and well-maintained property. Currently, the Türi Railway Station only serves transit trains.

Laupa Manor
Laupa, Türi Rural Municipality
+372 387 3342, +372 387 3345
This Estonian manor house from the beginning of the 20th century with an incomparable abundance of decoration is considered to be one of the finest examples of manor architecture. The central part of the building has a two-storied stone structure with a plinth. An ironwork trellis on a wide terrace, with stairs on either side, decorates the southern façade. The present main building was completed in 1914, and is one of the most imposing examples of retro-style Art Nouveau in Estonia. A school has operated in the manor since 1922.

Kabala Manor
Pargi st.2, Kabala
+372 387 7868, Staff room +372 38 77837
The imposing Early Classicist manor house was completed by Baron Hans von Uexküll in 1774. The main building is two-storied, and three-storied above the central addition. Many of the interior details are unique, including baroque stoves with raised and colored tiles. A school has operated in the manor since 1923. Currently, it is possible to arrange a visit to the manor by contacting the school.

Tagametsa Hunting Lodge
Rassi, Türi Rural Municipality
+372 58958064
The Tagametsa Hunting Lodge which was built in 1914 by Baron von Victor Taube, the manor lord of Kabala Manor, is located in a historically beautiful place on the shore of the Saarejõe River in Järva County. Today it is renovated and belongs to the Estonian Scouting Association, where the Scouts organize worldwide gathering. A memorial to Estonian Brethren of the Forest and one of their bunkers, which has been restored, are located nearby. This also marks the beginning of the Saarejõe hiking trail (about 8 km).

Saarjõe Nature Trail
More information: +372 50 53 401
www.tyri.ee/turism , elor.ilmet@rmk.ee  
Saarjõe nature trail that starts at Tagametsa Hunting Lodge is for people who enjoy variety of scenery, different types of forests and cultural heritage objects. On the trail you can find a memorial stone for ’forest brothers’, Estonian resistance, a rebuilt bunker, pitching pines and a tar kiln.
The trail follows the River Saarjõe in its primeval bed, which, at places, is more than 5 m deep and 40-50 m wide. You pass sand dunes that go back to the times of the primeval Baltic ice-lake that folklore has called Chapel Hills. If you feel like taking a break or staying the night you can do that at Saeveski forest lodge.
The total length of the trail that is situated in Saarjõe Nature Reserve is 8 km and it is best to wear proper hiking clothes. On your way you can find information stands about the objects on the trail that has been marked blue on tree trunks.

Resa’s Doll Studio
To visit the Doll Studio, book in advance. Koidula st.11, Türi
Tel. +372 385 7267, +372 555 36 775 resanukk@gmail.com  , tiitsmaaresa@hot.ee  
Since 1994, Resa Tiitsmaa, an artist and doll maker has been displaying her work on exhibitions. She opened her studio more than ten years ago, in 2000. Together with other doll artists she has shown her work in Riga, Klaipeda, Pskov and Helsinki. Each decorative doll has their own character and a story to tell. Resa’s work is unique. Decorative dolls, bags, textile and fimo jewellery, you name it, can be ordered from Resa. You can also arrange a workshop on felted objects (animals and bags), fimo jewellery and dolls, nail-felted jewellery.

Türi Arts and Crafts Workshop
Viljandi st.14b, Türi
http://www.kasitootuba.ee/ , imbi.karu@mail.ee  
Tel. + 372 5695 6639
Open: Mon and Sat 9:30 am to 2 pm, Tues to Fri 9 am to 5 pm
The Türi Arts and Crafts Workshop preserves and carries on the handicraft skills of our forebears. The keywords are high-quality Estonian handicraft. The products are made of natural materials – linen, wool, cotton. The majority of products are made by hand. Many products are made from yarn that is dyed with natural dyes and are unique. The Türi Arts and Crafts Workshop Room opened in 1995.
If you book ahead, we can organize workshops and exhibitions based on your wishes.
From the shop you can also buy interesting local souvenirs to remind you of the beautiful spring capital.

Türi Handicraft Makers
Viljandi st. 1, Türi
www.kasitootuba.ee , imbi.karu@mail.ee  
Tel. + 372 5695 6639
Open: Tue-Fri 10a.m-5.30p.m, Sat10a.m-3p.m

PLC Hobby-shop (Hobipood)
Viljandi st. 1, Türi
www.hobipood.weebly.com , hobipood@gmail.com  
Open: Mon 10a.m-3p.m, Tue-Fri 10a.m-6p.m, Sat 10a.m-2p.m

Türi Lake
The establishment of a spring-fed lake in a naturally beautiful place was started in 1990. The formal opening of the lake took place on July 4, 1992. It is a tradition to hold an annual lake festival and a concert on a summer evening in August. The size of the artificial lake is 7.7 hectares. The banks of the lake are covered with sand and beautifully landscaped. There is an artificial island in the lake and an outdoor pool with diving tower.

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